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Accuspec® specializes in providing the very latest air and water flow technologies to provide safety and energy-efficiency for your building project. We supply components and systems for critical environments such as laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms, as well as whole-building solutions like supply/exhaust fan systems and dehumidification systems.

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Accutrol LLC
Innovative Airflow Technologies for
Laboratories, Life Science, Healthcare

Accutrol, LLC specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative airflow technologies for critical environment airflow control and airflow measurement. Their innovative and customizable airflow solutions include:

  • AccuValve® low pressure-drop airflow control valve (AHR Innovation Award winner)
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  • AVC Fume Hood Control System (AHR Innovation Award winner)
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  • Room airflow and temperature control
  • Room pressure monitors
  • VorTekG3 airflow measurement for duct, fan inlet and fan array
  • Outdoor airflow measurement

Modular VAV systems from full BACnet enabled VAV diffusers to thermally powered VAV diffusers for use in HVAC systems

Leading supplier of VAV DOAS units, packaged rooftop units, air cooled condensers, air source heat pumps, and water source heat pumps

Carel USA
Leading designer and manufacturer of humidification systems in the USA

Cambridgeport Air Systems
Custom Air Handling Systems with an Emphasis on Energy Recovery and Modular-Field Erected Systems

Environmental Air Systems
Off-Site Construction for Central Energy Plants, Mechanical/Electrical Penthouses and Data Centers up to 1MW that are scalable and expandable

Desiccant Honeycombe® Wheel Technology, Cargocaire Provides Low Humidity Conditions Required in Pharmaceutical Facilities, Archival Storage, Confectionery Manufacturing, Water Treatment Facilities and Other Low Humidity Applications

Munters/Des Champs
Energy Recovery, Dehumidification and Dedicated Outside Air Systems

NuClimate Air Quality Systems, Inc.
Valance Units, Active Chilled Beam and Induction Units Operating at Pressure < 0.8" W.C. and Low Sound Levels (Typically < NC30)

Manufacturers of Insertion Turbine Flow Meters, Electro Magnetic Flow Meters, Vortex Steam Meters and BTU Meters

Strobic Air Corporation
Laboratory Hood Exhaust Systems, Smart Fan™ Control, Emergency Smoke Exhaust & High Temperature Direct Drive Vane Axial Fans