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Michael Price Center
Michael Price Center

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Michael Price Center is a large medical research facility within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York. The lab building has multiple stories and includes 170 laboratories, offices and support spaces. In the past, the building owner had used building automation contractors to provide laboratory airflow controls, but were not satisfied with the results. They understood the need to utilize a company that specializes in laboratory airflow controls.

Laboratory Airflow System Requirements

  • Ensure proper lab safety
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Provide comfortable working environment
  • Prevent cross-contamination of labs and other spaces
  • Integrate with Siemens digital building automation system

Scope of Project
Accuspec provided all airflow, temperature and fume hood controls for 170 large and small lab spaces with a total of 53 fume hoods and numerous local snorkel exhausts.

Fume hood airflow is varied based upon sash position utilizing Tek-Air fume hood controllers. For each lab space airflow is varied to maintain proper makeup air for the fume hoods, space pressurization, air change rates, and thermal comfort. All of these items are measured and controlled by the Accuspec supplied and programmed Tek-Air controllers.

Monitors mounted on the face of the fume hoods provide laboratory user both visual and audible indication of the fume face velocity and any alarm condition.

Accuspec® provided the lab control system central monitoring gateway protocol converter. From this converter all of this laboratory information is communicated to the Siemens graphical front end work station.

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