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Pfizer Building

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Pfizer – 185 Tabor Road, Morris Plains, NJ

Project: Pfizer, Morris Plains, NJ
Date Completed: June 2007

The Pfizer building at 185 Tabor Rd. provides Laboratory Space for research and development along with 150,000 square feet of office space on 3 floors. The original design concept for the temperature control of the office space was to utilize conventional Variable Volume (VAV) boxes coupled with reheat coils. Initial bids were obtained for this design concept, but the project was over budget and various cost-saving options were investigated.

Pfizer had successfully implement Variable Volume Diffusers in other locations and decided to further investigate the possible use of these diffusers on the Building 185 project.

With the assistance of Acutherm, the Mechanical Design Consultant adapted the office area design to utilize Acutherm VAV diffusers. Project installed cost for the office area HVAC systems was reduce by 30%, which helped the project get back on budget. Savings were found through the reduction in building automation controls, reduction in sheet metal and the elimination of the majority of reheat.

Acutherm variable volume diffusers use thermal expansion to open based on the temperature of the supply air. Acutherm Therma-Fusers require no electrical or pneumatic connections, thereby saving installation and system costs.

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