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Installation Assistance &
Ongoing Services

The Accuspec Technical Service Division provides startup and commissioning and ongoing services for critical airflow control systems. Specializing in laboratory airflow control systems, we have a dedicated and talented staff, ready to serve you.

Our airflow technology services are valuable within a wide array of facilities including: research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, teaching laboratories, hospitals and more.

Through our knowledge based integration approach we offer installation support, commissioning/start up, warranty support, after warranty service and maintenance. We have found that the involvement of the technical services division early in the project cycle tends to reduce the owner's risk, lowers the original installation costs, lowers the cost of ownership and provides for a system that contributes to the owner's objectives.

Critical Air Systems Installation

Project Management – The technical services division provides the technical support, coordination, communication and supervision required to effectively move a project from concept to completion. Project management is handled by our service manager eliminating scheduling conflicts and optimizing the response to a request for assistance.

Commissioning – Factory trained field service technicians are always promptly dispatched to assist, inspect and ultimately start-up system equipment. Our field service technicians often provide system familiarity training for facilities personnel as needed.

Warranty – Warranty service requests are always handled at the highest priority level. We realize that system down time can be costly and inconvenient.

Ongoing Airflow Control Systems Service

Non-warranty Service on Critical Environment Equipment – Sometimes you will require a systems specialist to come and solve an issue with equipment performance. We will promptly make it happen. Our many years of systems service training as well as field experience will allow us to quickly size things up, complete necessary repairs and/or make operational recommendations.

Automatic Scheduled Maintenance – The days of a single piece of equipment operating independently to perform a certain task is rapidly disappearing. Even as laboratory systems get more sophisticated in many cases those who utilize them aren't taking full advantage. Sometimes it makes sense to turn total responsibility for defined tasks over to an expert. Our automatic maintenance programs allow us to provide field service specialists to analyze the performance of your state-of-the-art hardware and software at regular intervals. During these visits our intent is to optimize your existing system, verify that safety requirements are being met and make sure that the system ongoing operating costs are not being adversely affected. Accurate predictive diagnostics can lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life. Maintenance agreements are custom designed after careful consideration of the clients requested level of service and budget limitations.

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