University of Connecticut (UCONN)



STEM Research Center 1

Storrs, CT

The STEM Research Center 1 (aka Science 1) is scheduled to be completed in Summer of 2022. The 200,000 SF building includes specialty research labs, computational labs, teaching labs, clean rooms, and support spaces. This facility will incorporate interchangeable lab modules, which provide flexible research space as demands in the facility change over the time. Our Laboratory control system was designed with this requirement in mind and utilizes interchangeable hardware and control sequences to facilitate these changes.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Complete Laboratory Airflow Control System for laboratories, research spaces and clean rooms.
  • 380+ AccuValves
  • 100+ Fume Hood Controls
  • Space control with Chilled Beams, Radiant Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • AVC/AVT Series Low Pressure Drop Design AccuValves for major energy savings
  • Owner independence with Accutrol Intuitive Insight software for Fume Hood Control
  • Gas Detection System – Ventilation Control
  • Clean Room space pressurization system
  • Chosen for “Basis of Design”
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