William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute

Healthcare & Research


Laboratory Renovation

Jamaica Plain, MA

This facility houses two Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) bureaus: the Bureau of Infections Disease and Laboratory Sciences and the Bureau of Climate and Environmental Health. Both provide critical services for epidemiologic investigation, disease prevention, testing and screening for the Commonwealth.

A primary goal of this project was to ensure that the Tower will continue to support the essential work of these bureaus in the near and long term, recognizing that it is the only facility in the state that performs tests for rabies, arboviruses, botulism, pandemic strains of influenza and is the only laboratory in the state that can adequately test for chemical and biological agents of terrorism.

To achieve this, the facility is being brought into alignment with best practice standards for modern laboratory and office space planning. These standards require flexible layouts that can be readily reconfigured to support programmatic evolution, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and accommodate appropriate growth. In addition, they ensure a high level of quality and security controls and provide state-of-the-art building infrastructural systems.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Airflow Control Valves and Fume Hood Controls
  • 300+ AccuValves®
  • Model AVC and AVT Valves
William A. Hinton State Laboratory Institute Photo
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