Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System
New York City, NY

Luxury French fashion brand CHANEL chose the Crown Building on 5th Avenue in NYC for its flagship jewelry and watch retail location. As part of its nationwide standard, CHANEL monitors indoor air quality and tracks various gases and particulate matter in the supply air. Its desire is to maintain the highest possible standards for the health and well-being of CHANEL’s customers and employees.

The centralized sensing system we installed monitors carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, fine particulate matter, total volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity, keeping the IAQ up to CHANEL’s high standards.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Centralized IAQ Sensing System
  • 15 AntrumX IAQ sensing zones monitor the air in the supply duct serving display and showroom spaces
  • Live sensor feedback is monitored over the building automation system.
CHANEL Indoor Air Quality
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