Data Center Humidification



Confidential Colocation Provider

Needing to offset the humidification load associated with outdoor air for pressurization, a confidential colocation provider has standardized on the Munters HumimaxTM HM3 series humidifiers. Over the last 4 years, we have provided 18 humidification systems across this client’s NJ footprint alone. This client finds the Humimax HM3 series attractive for the following reasons:

Project Highlights

  • The HM3 uses the warm temperatures in the return air galleries to evaporate the required moisture. This, in turn, creates a free-cooling effect, reducing the cooling energy consumption within the data center.
  • The HM3 does not require water treatment. The Munters media is always maintained in a “wetted” condition, and the basin is emptied on a scheduled basis. This ensures that minerals stay in the water for eventual blowdown.
  • The HM3 uses very little energy. A bit of electricity to run the fan, pump and controls is all that is required. A single 120 VAC outlet is all that is necessary to power the device.
Data Center Humidification
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