Harvard University



Science and Engineering Complex

Allston, MA

The project, which was completed in early 2021 is a single 500,000 SF Science and Engineering building designed to be one of the most energy efficient of its size. According to Harvard, the new SEC is the most significant new building constructed by Harvard in a generation. The building consists of classrooms, research labs, teaching labs and faculty offices.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Chemistry and Biology Labs, Vivarium, Support Space
  • 800+ AccuValves
  • 100+ Fume Hood Controls
  • Space control with Chilled Beam
  • AVC/AVT Series Low Pressure Drop design AccuValves for major energy savings
  • Owner independence with Accutrol’s intuitive Insight software for Fume Hood Control
  • Chosen for “Basis of Design” by Harvard
Harvard University Critical Environments
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This complex is the overall winner of the 2023 I2SL Lab Buildings and Projects Award. It has also been certified by two international building certification programs as one of the healthiest, most sustainable and energy-efficient laboratories in the world.
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