UBS Arena



Sports and Entertainment Complex

Elmont, NY

This project was completed in late 2021 at a cost of $1.1 billion to build.

The arena encompasses 700,000 square feet, including 80,000 square feet of premium space, a 23,000 square foot space for the New York Islanders and an 11,100 square foot space for performers.

It took 9,700 tons of steel, 750,000 bricks, 12,000 light fixtures, 93 different types of tile and 43 different paint colors to build UBS Arena. There are 9.7 miles of cooling pipe to keep the ice frozen, two miles of heating pipe under the floor and 55,000 lineal feet of copper embedded into the floor (to help create the ice floor).

Project Highlights

  • Application: Air Handlers for Temperature, Humidity, & OA Ventilation.
  • 8 Munters ICA Desiccant Based Air Handlers
  • 30,000 CFM Desiccant Wheel with Direct Fired Natural Gas
  • 50,000 CFM Supply Air with the capacity of 50,000 CFM of Outdoor Air
  • Multiple modes of operation to accommodate event requirements.
  • Chosen for “Basis of Design” by ME Engineers
UBS Ice Arena
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