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Central Energy Plant


Needing to maintain precise temperature and humidity control for the manufacture of fine acoustic guitars, C.F. Martin found their aging HVAC systems to be energy and maintenance intensive. Working closely with Martin, Accuspec developed a project that included a modular central energy plant, prefabricated pipe racks and custom air handling units. Together, these components were able to maintain the required temperature and humidity conditions, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance expense by approximately 40%.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Environmental Air Systems Modular Central Energy Plant
  • 1500 tons of chilled water cooling, consisting of three (3) 500-ton centrifugal water-cooled chillers and associated cooling towers, condenser water and chilled water pumping
  • 15,000,000 BTUh of hot water heating, consisting of three (3) 5,000,000 BTUh low temperature condensing hot water boilers and associated pumping.
  • Waterside economizer to provide “free cooling” in cooler weather conditions.
  • Integrated electrical switchgear.
  • Very thoughtful design allowing ease of access for all maintainable components.
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