University of New Hampshire



Rudman Hall

Durham, NH

The project, which was completed in 2021, is a retrofit of an existing laboratory building on UNH’s campus in Durham. The project consisted of replacing existing air blade-dampers with High-Speed Electric AccuValves and upgrading all Fume Hoods to full VAV operation. The ease of installation of the AccuValve and Accutrol’s Insight Software were deciding factors in the selection of the AccuValve for this project.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Airflow Valves and Fume Hood Control
  • 150+ AccuValves
  • 140+ Accutrol Airflow Stations
  • 55+ Fume Hoods w/ VAV Controls
  • Laboratory space control by ATC for ultimate flexibility
  • Owner independence and flexibility with Accutrol’s Insight Software
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