Amherst College



Science Center

Amherst, MA

The new Science Center, which opened in the fall of 2018 includes state-of-the-art design incorporating the ultra-low pressure drop AccuValve and VAV Fume Hood Control. The 230,000 SF building includes visible biology and chemistry research labs along with associated student write-up spaces.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Complete Laboratory Airflow Control System for laboratories, research spaces and support spaces.
  • 480+ AccuValves
  • 90+ Fume Hood Controls
  • Space control with Chilled Beams, Radiant Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • AVC/AVT Series Low Pressure Drop Design AccuValves for major energy savings
  • Owner independence with Accutrol Intuitive Insight software for Fume Hood Control
  • Gas Detection System – Ventilation Control
  • Chosen for “Basis of Design”
Amherst College Critical Environments
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