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Emergency Generator Exhaust

Needing to ensure emergency generator exhaust did not re-enter one of their critical facilities, Novartis Pharmaceuticals worked with Accuspec and their consulting engineer to develop a solution. High temperatures made it difficult to move the generator exhaust sufficiently far from the building to prevent re-entrainment. We carefully selected and installed a Strobic Air Technologies system, tailored for this specific application and the results were significant. The system minimized the re-entrainment potential and importantly, did not decrease the reliability of the generator plant.

Project Highlights

  • Three Strobic M58 high temperature fans
  • 75 HP per fan
  • Common plenum with large bypass air opening, allowing for significant, 10:1 dilution ratio
  • Two fans capable of satisfying the load, third fan redundant
  • Effective stack height of over 75’ above roofline at 15 mph cross wind
Emergency Generator Exhaust
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