TD Bank



Environmental Comfort

Multiple Northeast Locations

Multiple TD Bank locations across the northeast utilize Acutherm’s VAV Thermal diffusers for comfort and ease of control for their bank employees and customers. The Acutherm thermal diffuser can provide thermal comfort for multiple different areas of a facility with different needs, such as offices, waiting areas, and vestibules. The diffusers are also very energy efficient, requiring no power, and operate at very low pressures. The thermal VAV diffuser is not only suitable for TD’s banks, but also were utilized for their entire office floor in Worcester, MA.

Project Highlights

  • Application: Thermal Airflow Diffusers
  • 100+ Thermal VAV Diffusers
  • 5+ Locations
  • No wiring required
  • Easy thermal comfort
  • Individual room temperature control – Every Thermafuser is its own zone of temperature control.
TD Bank Critical Environments
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